ASU 000629.12 – ASU Control Unit Software Execution Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ASU 000629.12 (ASU )

Code: 000629.12



This error code, ASU 000629.12, is indicative of a software execution fault within the Active Seat Unit (ASU) of John Deere machinery. The ASU has detected a failure in completing its software operations within the designated time frame. This type of error can lead to inefficiencies or errors in the processing commands, impacting the functionality and performance of the seat unit.


As a result of this fault, the seat operation or performance may be limited. The limitations could affect the adjustability, comfort settings, and stabilization features of the seat, which are critical for operator comfort and safety during machine operation.


  • Software Diagnosis and Update: Begin by diagnosing the software for any glitches or bugs. Ensure that the ASU software is up-to-date with the latest version, as updates may contain fixes for known issues.
  • System Reset: Perform a system reset or reboot of the ASU to see if the issue resolves itself post-restart. This can often clear temporary software glitches.
  • Check System Timers: Inspect the configuration of system timers and task schedulers within the ASU software. Adjustments may be required to ensure tasks are allotted adequate processing time.
  • Consult Technical Support: If the problem persists, consult with John Deere technical support or a certified technician for further diagnostics and specialized assistance.
  • Comprehensive System Testing: After any adjustments or updates, perform comprehensive system testing to ensure the ASU operates correctly across all functions.


Timely resolution of software execution errors is crucial for maintaining the operational efficiency and safety of the machinery. Regular checks and maintenance of the software systems can help prevent such faults and ensure that the equipment remains in optimal working condition.