ATC 600006.13 – Diagnostic Trouble Code Not Known. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 600006.13 (ATC )

Code: 600006.13



The error code, ATC 600006.13, is triggered by the CommandCenter (DTI) when it receives a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) via the CAN BUS that is not stored in the DTI memory. This general diagnostic trouble code is used by the CommandCenter to display information about an unknown ATC diagnostic trouble code, indicating a discrepancy in the DTI’s stored diagnostic definitions or a potentially new or unrecorded issue.


This code generally does not directly affect equipment operation but indicates that there is a communication or diagnostic issue that needs further investigation to identify and address.


  • Update Diagnostic Software: Ensure that the diagnostic software in the CommandCenter (DTI) is up to date. Updates may include new diagnostic trouble codes and more comprehensive troubleshooting procedures.
  • Check System Configuration: Verify that the system configuration is correct and that all components are communicating properly over the CAN BUS.
  • Consult Technical Support: If updating the software does not resolve the issue, consult John Deere technical support or reference the latest technical bulletins for additional information regarding unrecognized codes.
  • Perform System Diagnostics: Conduct thorough system diagnostics with the latest diagnostic tools to try and identify the underlying issue that generated the unknown code.
  • Document and Report: Document the occurrence and any findings or steps taken to resolve the issue. Reporting this to a John Deere service representative can help improve system diagnostics and prevent future occurrences.


The appearance of an unknown diagnostic trouble code highlights the importance of regular system updates and maintenance checks. It serves as a reminder that technology and diagnostic tools evolve, and keeping systems up to date is crucial for effective vehicle management and troubleshooting. This ensures that all potential issues are promptly recognized and addressed, maintaining optimal operation and performance.