ASU 524006.08 – Active Seat Vent Overuse Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ASU 524006.08 (ASU )

Code: 524006.08



This error code, ASU 524006.08, arises when the Active Seat Unit (ASU) in John Deere equipment detects that the seat vent (bleed) valve solenoid has been activated for an excessively long period without the seat height adjusting to the lower ride zone limit. This condition could indicate issues such as a defective or blocked vent valve or a jammed seat linkage, preventing normal seat height adjustments.


The seat is disabled while this code is displayed to prevent potential damage or unsafe conditions due to the malfunctioning vent mechanism.


  • Inspect Vent Valve and Solenoid: Examine the vent valve and its solenoid for signs of damage or blockage that could hinder its operation. Ensure that the valve opens and closes correctly.
  • Check Seat Linkage: Look for any jamming or obstruction in the seat linkage that may prevent the seat from adjusting properly. Repair or replace any damaged or obstructed parts.
  • Electrical Testing of Solenoid: Perform electrical tests on the solenoid to ensure it is functioning within the specified parameters. This includes checking for correct voltage and resistance.
  • System Reset and Testing: After repairs, reset the ASU system and conduct a test to ensure the seat adjusts correctly and the vent valve operates as intended.
  • Continuous Monitoring: After resolving the issue, monitor the seat operation over time to ensure no recurrence of the fault.


It is crucial to address faults in seat ventilation and adjustment mechanisms promptly to ensure operator comfort and safety. Regular maintenance and checks of these systems can help prevent operational issues and extend the life of the equipment.