ASU 524007.08 – Active Seat Compressor Overuse Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

ASU 524007.08 (ASU )

Code: 524007.08



This error code, ASU 524007.08, indicates a fault within the Active Seat Unit (ASU) of John Deere machinery, where the seat compressor assembly has remained active for an extended period without achieving the necessary adjustment to the seat height above the lower ride zone limit. Possible causes include a defective compressor, a malfunctioning relay, an air leak in the system, or a jammed seat linkage.


The seat functionality is disabled while this code is displayed to prevent further damage or unsafe conditions arising from the malfunctioning compressor system.


  • Inspect Compressor and Relay: Examine the compressor and its associated relay for signs of wear or damage. Replace any defective components to ensure proper operation.
  • Check for Air Leaks: Conduct tests to identify any leaks in the air system that could prevent the compressor from effectively adjusting the seat height. Repair any leaks found.
  • Evaluate Seat Linkage: Look for any issues in the seat linkage that may obstruct movement. Repair or replace components as necessary to ensure free movement.
  • Electrical Testing: Perform electrical tests on the compressor and relay circuitry to verify their functionality and integrity.
  • Reset and Calibration: After addressing the issues, reset the ASU system and recalibrate it to ensure all seat functions are operating correctly.
  • Functional Testing: Conduct a thorough test of the seat to confirm that the compressor turns off appropriately and that the seat adjusts to all specified heights.


Regular maintenance and proactive troubleshooting of the compressor and seat adjustment mechanisms are crucial for the longevity and safe operation of the equipment. Continuous monitoring and timely intervention can help mitigate issues before they lead to significant downtime or operator discomfort.