ATC 000630.02 – Control Unit EEPROM Error. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 000630.02 (ATC 630.02)

Code: 000630.02

Shortcode: 630.02


The error code, ATC 000630.02, is triggered when the control unit detects an error in the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). This type of error can indicate issues with data integrity or problems in storing and retrieving configuration settings essential for the equipment’s operation. EEPROM errors can be caused by hardware failure, data corruption, or programming errors during updates.


The presence of an EEPROM error may cause the control unit to operate incorrectly or enter a restricted operation mode to prevent erratic behavior of the machinery. This safeguard helps mitigate potential risks associated with incorrect configuration data affecting the machine’s performance.


  • Diagnose EEPROM Issues: Use specialized diagnostic tools to read and assess the integrity of data within the EEPROM. Identify any corrupt or anomalous data entries.
  • Check Hardware Connections and Components: Inspect the control unit for loose connections, signs of damage, or wear that could affect the EEPROM.
  • Reprogram or Reset EEPROM: Depending on the specific issue, it may be necessary to reprogram or reset the EEPROM to restore proper functionality. This might involve reloading configuration data or updating firmware.
  • Replace Faulty Control Unit: If reprogramming does not resolve the issue, consider replacing the control unit entirely, as the EEPROM itself may be irreparably damaged.
  • Test System After Repair: Once repairs or replacements are made, thoroughly test the system to ensure that all functions are operating normally and the error does not reoccur.


Regular checks and maintenance of the control unit, including software and memory components, are crucial to prevent failures like EEPROM errors. Ensuring that firmware and configurations are up to date can also help in avoiding such issues, thereby maintaining the operational integrity and reliability of your John Deere equipment.