ATC 000639.14 – Vehicle CAN BUS High Error Rate. John Deere System Advisory.

ATC 000639.14 (ATC 639.14)

Code: 000639.14

Shortcode: 639.14


The error code, ATC 000639.14, is triggered when the control unit receives an excessively high rate of incorrect messages from the vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS or when it detects a general connectivity problem with the vehicle CAN BUS. Such issues can indicate severe communication disruptions that can affect the overall functionality and operational coordination of the vehicle’s systems.


The control unit may restrict certain functions to prevent misoperations or failures due to unreliable data transmission. This could manifest as intermittent performance issues or temporary loss of control over certain features of the vehicle.


  • Check CAN BUS Connections: Inspect all connections within the CAN BUS for looseness, corrosion, or damage that might be causing communication errors.
  • Analyze Error Messages: Use diagnostic tools to identify and analyze the specific error messages. This will help in pinpointing areas of the network that are causing issues.
  • Replace Damaged Wiring or Connectors: If any part of the CAN BUS wiring or connectors is found to be faulty, replace them to ensure stable and secure communications.
  • Isolate and Repair Faulty Nodes: If particular nodes on the CAN BUS are identified as problematic, isolate and address these specific faults, either through reconfiguration or replacement.
  • System Reset and Comprehensive Testing: After resolving the issues, reset the system to clear any error states and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the CAN BUS is functioning correctly without a high error rate.


Maintaining a robust and error-free CAN BUS is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of all connected vehicle systems. Regular monitoring and preventive maintenance of the CAN BUS network can significantly reduce the likelihood of communication problems, thus enhancing the reliability and performance of your John Deere machinery.