BCU 000237.14 – VIN Information System Deactivation. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 000237.14 (BCU 237.14)

Code: 000237.14

Shortcode: 237.14


Error code BCU 000237.14 is triggered in John Deere vehicles when the VIN security function fails to activate due to an internal problem within the control unit. This typically indicates an issue with the reprogramming of the control unit, where the necessary VIN security protocols were not correctly enabled, potentially compromising the vehicle’s electronic security and system integrity.


When this fault occurs, the associated systems that rely on VIN verification for security measures may be deactivated to prevent unauthorized use or malfunction, which could lead to operational disruptions or safety concerns.


  • Diagnostic Check: Conduct a comprehensive diagnostic to identify the specific malfunction within the control unit. This may involve scanning all related systems to ensure the VIN security function is the only affected parameter.
  • Reprogram Control Unit: Correct the programming error by properly configuring the VIN security settings within the control unit. This might require specialized software and should be performed by a certified John Deere technician.
  • Test VIN Security Function: After reprogramming, thoroughly test the VIN security function to confirm that it is active and working as intended. Ensure that all systems are responding correctly to the VIN data.
  • Reset the BCU: Reset the Basic Control Unit to ensure that all settings take effect and that the system starts fresh without any residual errors from previous configurations.
  • Monitor System Performance: Following the reset, monitor the vehicle’s performance to ensure that no further issues arise and that the security function maintains proper operation across various uses.


VIN security is critical for ensuring that vehicle systems operate as intended, particularly in scenarios involving sensitive or secure operations. Regular updates, maintenance, and checks of the programming and functionality of electronic control units are essential to maintain the integrity and security of John Deere vehicles. Keeping these systems up to date and correctly configured helps prevent potential security risks and operational errors.