BCU 000237.31 – Incorrect VIN Information Detected. John Deere System Advisory.

BCU 000237.31 (BCU 237.31)

Code: 000237.31

Shortcode: 237.31


Error code BCU 000237.31 is activated when the Basic Control Unit (BCU) of a John Deere vehicle does not receive or incorrectly receives the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from other control units. This issue can arise due to communication errors, misconfiguration of electronic control units (ECUs), or faults in the data transmission system, leading to potential discrepancies in vehicle management and system operations.


The detection of incorrect or missing VIN information may cause the BCU to issue warnings, possibly leading to the deactivation of specific systems that rely on accurate VIN data for functionality, security, or compliance purposes.


  • Verify VIN Entries Across All ECUs: Use diagnostic tools to check the VIN recorded in each ECU. Ensure consistency and accuracy of the VIN across the vehicle’s network of control units.
  • Inspect Communication Links: Check the communication links between ECUs for integrity issues such as damaged wiring, poor connections, or corrupted data paths that could interfere with VIN transmission.
  • Correct VIN Misconfigurations: If discrepancies are found, correct the VIN in the affected ECUs. Reprogramming may be required to ensure all units reflect the correct vehicle identification number.
  • Reset and Test Communication Systems: After adjustments, reset the communication systems and conduct tests to verify that the VIN is being correctly transmitted and received across all units without errors.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Following the fix, keep monitoring the system to ensure that the issue does not recur, particularly after system updates or maintenance that might affect ECU settings.


The correct configuration and synchronization of VIN information across various control units are crucial for the operational integrity of John Deere vehicles. It affects everything from parts compatibility and maintenance records to system-specific functionalities and regulatory compliance. Regular system checks, especially after any repair or replacement involving ECUs, are essential to maintain accuracy in VIN data and ensure reliable vehicle operation.