BCU 523908.14 – Information for Operator: Remote Control Switch for Rear PTO is Activated. John Deere Advisory.

BCU 523908.14 (BCU )

Code: 523908.14



Diagnostic trouble code BCU 523908.14 is an informational alert generated when the remote control switch for the rear PTO (Power Take-Off) is activated. This code serves to inform the operator that the rear PTO has been engaged remotely, ensuring awareness of the PTO’s operational status. This is particularly important for safety and operational efficiency, as unintentional engagement of the PTO can pose safety risks or result in improper machinery use.


The system does not treat this as a fault but uses the alert to provide real-time feedback to the operator. This ensures that the operator is aware of the activation status and can take necessary actions, if needed, to manage or oversee PTO operations effectively.


  • Acknowledge the Activation: Ensure that the activation of the rear PTO via the remote control is intentional. Check that all safety protocols are being followed while the PTO is active.
  • Monitor PTO Operation: Regularly monitor the performance of the rear PTO to ensure it is functioning as expected without any issues. This includes checking for any unusual noises, vibrations, or operational discrepancies.
  • Safety Checks: Confirm that all personnel are clear of the machinery before and during the operation of the PTO. Safety around PTO-driven equipment is critical, as these components can pose significant hazards.
  • Regular Maintenance: Maintain regular inspections and maintenance of the PTO system and remote control mechanisms to ensure reliable and safe operation. Address any issues or irregularities found during these checks immediately.
  • Operator Training: Ensure that all operators are trained on the correct use of the remote control systems for the PTO. Understanding how and when to use these controls can prevent accidental engagements and promote safer operation.


It’s important for operators to be vigilant and attentive to the status indicators and alerts like this one. Such alerts are crucial for ensuring that equipment is used safely and correctly, helping to prevent accidents and optimize machinery performance. Regular training and familiarization with the equipment’s features and safety systems are recommended to enhance operational safety and efficiency.

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