BCU 523908.31 – Information for Operator: Rear PTO Can Now Be Switched On at Rear PTO Remote Control Switch. John Deere Advisory.

BCU 523908.31 (BCU )

Code: 523908.31



Diagnostic trouble code BCU 523908.31 is an informational alert generated to inform the operator that the rear PTO (Power Take-Off) can now be activated using the remote control switch. This notification serves to enhance operational awareness, ensuring that operators are conscious of their ability to engage the PTO remotely. Such information is crucial for managing PTO operations effectively and safely, especially in situations where remote activation plays a key role in operational efficiency.


This code does not indicate a fault but provides a status update to facilitate better control and oversight of PTO operations. The system ensures that operators are aware when the PTO is ready for remote activation, potentially after certain conditions or safety checks have been met.


  • Confirm Readiness: Ensure that all conditions for safe PTO operation are met before engaging the rear PTO via the remote control switch. This may include checking that the vehicle is stationary, or that safety guards are in place.
  • Operational Checks: Conduct a brief inspection to ensure that the PTO and associated equipment are in good working condition and that engaging the PTO will not pose any safety risks.
  • Safety Protocols: Review and adhere to all safety protocols related to PTO operation. This includes ensuring that no personnel are near the PTO or any attached implements when it is activated.
  • Training and Familiarization: Make sure all operators are adequately trained on using the rear PTO remote control switch and understand the implications of its activation. Proper training helps prevent accidental engagements and promotes safer operation.
  • Monitor PTO Activation: Keep a close watch on the PTO’s operation once activated, particularly the first few times after receiving this notification, to ensure everything functions as expected.


Providing operators with clear and timely information about the availability and readiness of machinery functions like the rear PTO enhances safety and efficiency. It’s essential that all operators familiarize themselves with the equipment’s alerts and understand their importance in the context of overall machinery operation. Regular updates and checks on the status of such functions can greatly improve the operational safety and effectiveness of agricultural tasks.

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