BCU 524055.31 – Control Unit Not Calibrated. John Deere Information Alert.

BCU 524055.31 (BCU )

Code: 524055.31



Diagnostic trouble code BCU 524055.31 is generated when the Basic Control Unit (BCU) is not calibrated, is incorrectly calibrated, or if the calibration process has not been completed. This code may also be triggered mistakenly during procedures such as hitch calibration. This code is classified under the alarm level “Information,” indicating that it serves primarily as a cautionary notification rather than an indication of critical system failure.


The system does not initiate any emergency protocols or restrictions but provides this code to inform the operator of the calibration status. It suggests checking the calibration setup to ensure optimal performance but does not typically require immediate recalibration unless the code persists and cannot be cleared.


  • Check Calibration Status: Review the calibration settings in the BCU to confirm they are correctly configured. Verify that all recent changes or updates have been applied correctly.
  • Complete Any Pending Calibration: If the calibration process was interrupted or not completed, finish the calibration according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Clear the Diagnostic Code: Attempt to clear the diagnostic trouble code from the system. If the code does not clear, this may indicate a deeper issue with calibration data or process.
  • Reperform Calibration if Necessary: If the code persists and cannot be cleared, reperform the calibration procedure to ensure all parameters are correctly set. Follow the specific calibration procedures outlined in the equipment’s service manual.
  • Consult Technical Support: If uncertainty remains about the calibration process or the code continues to appear, consult with John Deere technical support for further guidance and assistance.


Calibration of the control unit is crucial for ensuring that all functions and operations are executed accurately and efficiently. Regular checks and maintenance routines should include verification of calibration settings to prevent operational issues and maintain the machinery in optimal working condition. Keeping detailed records of calibration activities can also help diagnose and resolve such codes more efficiently.

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