BCU 524216.02 – Information for Operator: Switch Off the Front PTO Switch. John Deere Advisory.

BCU 524216.02 (BCU )

Code: 524216.02



Diagnostic trouble code BCU 524216.02 is an informational alert generated when the HMS Plus (Headland Management System Plus) is activated, and subsequently, the front PTO (Power Take-Off) is turned on, despite the front PTO not being integrated into the HMS Plus program. This alert serves to inform the operator of a potential operational inconsistency, as the front PTO operation is not coordinated with the automated sequences and settings programmed into the HMS Plus.


The system does not initiate any automatic shut-down or alteration of the front PTO’s operational state; instead, it issues this code to prompt the operator to manually disengage the front PTO to align with the HMS Plus settings.


  • Manual Intervention Required: Manually switch off the front PTO as advised by the diagnostic code to ensure that operations are conducted in line with the HMS Plus programming.
  • Check HMS Plus Settings: Review the settings and programs configured in HMS Plus to verify whether the front PTO should be included or excluded. Adjust the settings accordingly if the front PTO needs to be integrated into the operational sequences.
  • Operator Training: Ensure that all operators are familiar with the functionalities and limitations of HMS Plus, particularly how it interacts with different PTO settings.
  • Reset Diagnostic Codes: After addressing the issue, reset any diagnostic codes that were triggered as a result of this situation to clear the system’s error log.
  • Consult Technical Support: If there is uncertainty about how to properly configure or operate HMS Plus with the PTO settings, or if issues persist, consult with John Deere technical support for detailed guidance and assistance.


Understanding the integration and functionalities of different systems like HMS Plus and PTO is crucial for efficient machine operation. Proper operator training and adherence to system guidelines can prevent operational errors and ensure that all machinery functions are optimized and used within their designed capacities.

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