BCU 524216.31 – Information for Operator: Front PTO was Switched On When Engine Was Started. John Deere Advisory.

BCU 524216.31 (BCU )

Code: 524216.31



Diagnostic trouble code BCU 524216.31 is an informational alert generated to notify the operator that the front PTO (Power Take-Off) was activated when the engine was started. This alert is specific to situations where the front PTO is activated under address BCU027, and it serves as a safety precaution to ensure that the operator is aware of the PTO’s status at engine start, which could pose safety risks if not managed appropriately.


The system does not automatically deactivate the front PTO; instead, it provides this alert to inform the operator of the front PTO’s operational status upon engine start. This is intended to prompt immediate manual review and adjustment to ensure safe operation conditions.


  • Manual Verification and Adjustment: Immediately check the status of the front PTO and turn it off if not needed at startup. Ensure that all equipment attached to the PTO is secured and that it is safe to operate or deactivate the PTO.
  • Review Safety Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the appropriate procedures for operating the front PTO, particularly the importance of ensuring the PTO is off before starting the engine unless specifically required for your operation.
  • Operator Training: Reinforce training for all operators on the importance of checking PTO settings before starting the engine to prevent unintended machinery activation and potential safety hazards.
  • Check PTO Control Settings: Review the control settings within address BCU027 to ensure they are configured correctly according to operational needs and safety standards.
  • Reset Diagnostic Codes: After addressing the situation, reset any diagnostic codes triggered by this scenario to clear the system’s error log.
  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Include checks for proper PTO linkage and activation settings in your regular maintenance routines to prevent similar alerts in the future.


Proper management of PTO settings is critical for safe operation of agricultural machinery. Ensuring that all operators are aware of and comply with safety protocols regarding PTO use will help prevent accidents and improve the efficiency of machinery operations. Regular updates and reviews of operational protocols are recommended to keep all safety measures in line with current standards and practices.

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