BIF 002003.09 – AutoQuad Communication Error in CAN BUS System. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002003.09 (BIF 2003.09)

Code: 002003.09

Shortcode: 2003.09


The error code BIF 002003.09 indicates a failure in the data transfer between the Electronic Power Control (EPC) and the BIF system, specifically relating to AutoQuad transmission information. This fault arises when one or several, possibly all, of the CAN BUS messages from the EPC are received intermittently or not at all. Issues such as loose wiring are common causes of such intermittent reception problems.


The system may exhibit irregular or unpredictable behavior in the AutoQuad transmission functionality due to these communication disruptions, potentially affecting vehicle operation and transmission control.


  • Secure and Repair Connections: Thoroughly inspect all related wiring and connections for looseness or damage. Repair or replace wiring and connectors as needed to ensure stable communication.
  • Test CAN BUS Network Integrity: Utilize diagnostic tools to check the CAN BUS network for faults or disruptions in signal integrity. Focus particularly on paths involving AutoQuad data.
  • Update and Configure Software: Ensure that both the EPC and BIF systems are up-to-date with the latest software versions. Adjust configurations to optimize data transmission and reception.
  • Diagnose EPC Functionality: Evaluate the performance of the EPC to confirm it is functioning correctly and capable of sending accurate CAN BUS messages.
  • Systematic Diagnostic Checks: Perform comprehensive diagnostics on the communication system to identify and resolve less apparent issues that could be affecting data transfer.


Regular maintenance and proactive diagnostics of the CAN BUS system and its components are vital for ensuring reliable data communication within the vehicle’s network. Early detection and correction of communication errors can prevent operational disruptions and maintain the efficiency and safety of the machinery.

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