BIF 002005.09 – UIC CAN BUS Communication Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002005.09 (BIF 2005.09)

Code: 002005.09

Shortcode: 2005.09


Error code BIF 002005.09 occurs when there is a disruption in the data transfer between the User Interface Controller (UIC) and the BIF system. The diagnostic trouble code is set off when the reception of one, several, or all CAN BUS messages from the UIC is intermittent or completely fails. This intermittent reception is often attributed to issues like loose wiring.


The irregular or absent communication may result in the malfunction or erratic behavior of the user interface functionalities, affecting operator interaction and control over the equipment.


  • Inspect and Tighten Connections: Check all relevant wiring and connections related to the UIC for looseness, wear, or damage. Secure connections and replace damaged wires to ensure reliable communication.
  • Evaluate CAN BUS Network: Use diagnostic tools specifically designed to analyze the CAN BUS network. Identify and resolve any anomalies or disruptions in the transmission paths.
  • Update UIC and BIF Software: Make sure that the software for both the UIC and BIF systems is current. Software updates may resolve bugs or compatibility issues that could be causing communication failures.
  • Test UIC Performance: Conduct tests to verify that the UIC is properly processing and transmitting data. Replace or repair the UIC if it fails to perform as expected.
  • Comprehensive System Diagnostics: Undertake a detailed diagnostic procedure to uncover any hidden issues within the communication system that might be affecting data transfer.


Maintaining consistent and accurate communication between the UIC and BIF is crucial for effective equipment operation. Regular system checks and timely maintenance can help avoid communication breakdowns, ensuring that interface controls remain responsive and accurate, thus supporting operational efficiency and safety.

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