BIF 002873.31 – Operator Advisory: Deactivate Worklights While Driving on Road. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002873.31 (BIF 2873.31)

Code: 002873.31

Shortcode: 2873.31


Error code BIF 002873.31 is an informational message for the operator, triggered when the tractor’s worklights remain activated while the vehicle is traveling at speeds exceeding 23 km/h (14.3 mph). This alert is designed to inform the operator that using worklights at higher road speeds may not comply with road safety regulations or could potentially distract other drivers. It is important to note that this diagnostic trouble code is not stored in the control unit’s error memory as it is intended purely for immediate operator awareness.


There is no automatic system reaction associated with this diagnostic trouble code other than the display of the message to the operator. The system does not automatically deactivate the worklights.


  • Manually Switch Off Worklights: Operators should manually turn off the worklights when driving on the road at speeds above 23 km/h to ensure compliance with road safety regulations and to avoid creating a distraction or hazard for other road users.
  • Review Operating Manual: Operators are advised to familiarize themselves with the tractor’s operating manual and guidelines concerning the appropriate use of worklights.
  • Regular Safety Checks: Conduct regular checks to ensure that all lighting controls are functional and that operators are aware of how and when to use these controls appropriately.


While this advisory does not indicate a malfunction within the vehicle’s systems, adherence to such operational guidelines is crucial for safe driving practices, particularly when transitioning from fieldwork to road travel. Operators should always ensure that their use of vehicle lighting is appropriate for their current driving environment to maintain safety and compliance with local road regulations.

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