BIF 002876.02 – Faulty Turn Signal Lever Detected. John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 002876.02 (BIF 2876.02)

Code: 002876.02

Shortcode: 2876.02


Error code BIF 002876.02 is activated when the control unit receives input signals for both the left and right turn signals simultaneously from the turn signal switch (S127). This condition typically indicates a malfunction of the turn signal lever or a fault within the electrical circuit that manages the turn signals. Receiving conflicting signals like this can lead to incorrect turn signal operations, potentially causing confusion and safety risks on the road.


The system may respond by disabling the turn signal function to prevent incorrect signaling, pending resolution of the fault.


  • Inspect Turn Signal Lever and Associated Wiring: Check the turn signal lever (S127) for any signs of physical damage or wear. Examine the wiring and connections for shorts, loose connections, or corrosion that might be causing simultaneous signal transmission.
  • Test Turn Signal Switch Functionality: Use diagnostic tools to test the switch’s functionality, ensuring it properly separates and sends the individual left and right signals without overlap.
  • Replace Faulty Turn Signal Lever: If the turn signal lever is found to be defective, replace it to restore proper functionality and ensure reliable operation of the turn signals.
  • Check for Circuit Faults: Investigate the circuit board or wiring harness associated with the turn signals for any other potential faults that could be causing the issue.
  • System Reset and Testing: After making repairs, reset the system to clear the diagnostic code and test the turn signals extensively to ensure that they are operating correctly and separately as intended.


Regular maintenance and checks of the vehicle’s signaling system are crucial for safe operation, especially when the vehicle is used in environments requiring clear and correct communication of directional intentions to other drivers. Ensuring that all components are working correctly helps prevent road accidents and ensures compliance with traffic regulations.

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