BIF 600006.31 – Unknown Diagnostic Trouble Code in CommandCenter (DTI). John Deere System Advisory.

BIF 600006.31 (BIF )

Code: 600006.31



Error code BIF 600006.31 is triggered by the CommandCenter (DTI) when it receives a BIF diagnostic trouble code via the CAN BUS that is not stored in its memory. This “general” diagnostic trouble code allows the CommandCenter to display information relating to an unknown BIF diagnostic trouble code. It indicates that the CommandCenter has encountered a code that it does not recognize or have information for, which may be due to a software mismatch, an update requirement, or an unexpected error.


The CommandCenter (DTI) displays information regarding the unknown BIF diagnostic trouble code, alerting the operator to the presence of an unidentified issue.


  • Update CommandCenter Software: Ensure that the CommandCenter (DTI) has the latest software updates installed. Updates often include new diagnostic codes and improved compatibility with other control units.
  • Check for Recent System Changes: Review any recent changes to the system, such as updates to other control units or new components that might be generating the unknown code.
  • Consult Technical Documentation: Refer to John Deere technical documentation or support resources for information on newly introduced diagnostic trouble codes that may not yet be recognized by the CommandCenter.
  • Contact Technical Support: If the unknown code persists and cannot be resolved through updates or documentation, contact John Deere technical support for further assistance. Provide them with the details of the unknown code and any relevant system information.
  • Monitor System Behavior: Keep an eye on the overall system performance and behavior. If any specific issues are noticed, document them and provide this information to technical support to assist in diagnosing the problem.


Maintaining up-to-date software on all control units, including the CommandCenter, is crucial for accurate diagnostics and system compatibility. Regular updates and consultation with technical support can help address unknown diagnostic codes and ensure the reliable operation of the vehicle’s systems.

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