CAB 000091.02 – Foot Throttle Sensor Voltage Conflict

CAB 000091.02 (CAB 91.02)

Code: 000091.02

Shortcode: 91.02


The error code CAB 000091.02 represents a voltage conflict within the foot throttle sensor circuit. It occurs when the CAB control unit detects a discrepancy where the voltage of foot throttle sensor channel 2 is not one-half of the voltage in channel 1. This condition suggests a potential issue in the voltage delivery or sensor operation, affecting the throttle’s responsiveness and control.


In response to this conflict, the control unit disables the foot throttle to prevent erratic engine behavior and potential safety hazards.


  • Inspect Throttle Sensor Connections: Check the connections at both channel 1 and channel 2 of the foot throttle sensor. Ensure there are no loose, corroded, or damaged wires affecting the voltage readings.
  • Test Sensor Voltages: Utilize a multimeter to test the voltage levels at both sensor channels. Compare the readings with the expected values to identify any discrepancies.
  • Replace Faulty Sensors: If the sensor or any of its components are found to be defective, replace them to restore proper functionality.
  • Verify Control Unit Functionality: Ensure that the CAB control unit is functioning correctly. Faults within the control unit itself could lead to incorrect sensor readings or responses.
  • Reset and Recalibrate: After repairs, reset the system and perform a recalibration to ensure all settings are correct and the throttle is responding appropriately. This step is crucial to ensure that the changes have taken effect and the system operates smoothly.


Regular inspection and maintenance of the throttle sensor and its associated circuitry are vital for ensuring consistent vehicle performance and safety. A malfunctioning foot throttle can lead to unpredictable vehicle behavior, which is a significant risk. Therefore, addressing any detected issues promptly and thoroughly is essential to maintaining the reliability and functionality of the equipment.

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