BRC 002049.09 – Missing CAB Control Unit Message in Brake Control. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 002049.09 (BRC 2049.09)

Code: 002049.09

Shortcode: 2049.09


Error code BRC 002049.09 indicates a failure in communication between the Brake Control Unit (BRC) and the Cab Control Unit (CAB). This specific fault occurs when the BRC does not receive required messages from the CAB, which are crucial for ensuring coordinated control and operation within the vehicle’s systems.


As a result of this communication breakdown, the BRC’s functionality has been disabled, effectively turning the brake control system OFF. This precautionary action is taken to avoid any unpredictable or unsafe operation due to the absence of critical control information from the CAB.


  • Inspect and Test CAN Bus Connections: Evaluate the Controller Area Network (CAN) connections for any signs of physical damage or disconnections that could be impacting communication between the BRC and CAB.
  • Diagnose Both Control Units: Use diagnostic tools to examine both the BRC and CAB for faults that may be interrupting their ability to communicate.
  • Monitor Communication Pathways: Implement network monitoring to assess the flow of messages between the BRC and CAB, identifying any errors or interruptions in data transmission.
  • Update System Software: Ensure that the software or firmware on both the BRC and CAB is up-to-date, potentially resolving any bugs that might be causing communication failures.
  • System Resets and Reconfiguration: After troubleshooting and resolving any identified issues, reset both control units to clear error states and reinitialize system settings to ensure restored functionality.


Maintaining a seamless and robust communication link between the Brake Control Unit and Cab Control Unit is vital for the integrated operation of vehicle systems. Regular monitoring and timely maintenance of these communication networks are essential to prevent operational disruptions and ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.