BRC 002071.09 – Missing Chassis Control Unit Message in Brake Control. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 002071.09 (BRC 2071.09)

Code: 002071.09

Shortcode: 2071.09


Error code BRC 002071.09 signifies a communication failure between the Brake Control Unit (BRC) and the Chassis Control Unit (CCU). The lack of required messages from the CCU to the BRC disrupts the integrated functioning and coordination necessary for safe vehicle operation.


The BRC has responded to this missing communication by disabling its function, turning OFF the brake control system to prevent any potentially unsafe operations that could occur due to missing critical information from the chassis system.


  • Check and Repair CAN Bus Connections: Inspect the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus connections and wiring for damage, wear, or loose connections that could be causing communication disruptions.
  • Run Diagnostics on BRC and CCU: Utilize diagnostic tools to detect any faults within the BRC and CCU that could be hindering their ability to communicate.
  • Ensure Software and Firmware are Up-to-Date: Update the software or firmware on both the BRC and CCU to the latest versions to address any known bugs or compatibility issues that might affect communication.
  • Monitor Network Traffic: Employ network monitoring tools to track the data flow and integrity between the BRC and CCU, looking for lost messages or other anomalies.
  • Reset and Reinitialize Control Units: After addressing the underlying issues, reset both the BRC and CCU to clear any error states and reinitialize their settings to ensure effective communication and restored functionality.


Reliable communication between the Brake Control Unit and Chassis Control Unit is critical for the overall safety and efficiency of vehicle operations. Frequent checks and proactive maintenance of these systems help in early detection and correction of communication problems, thus ensuring continuous operational reliability.