BRC 002602.18 – Low Clean Oil Level in Chassis Control System. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 002602.18 (BRC 2602.18)

Code: 002602.18

Shortcode: 2602.18


Error code BRC 002602.18 highlights a critical alert from the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) indicating that the Clean Oil Reservoir level is low. This message is essential as it affects the lubrication and hydraulic functions of the vehicle, which can lead to reduced efficiency and potential damage to the chassis system.


In response to the low oil level indication, the functionality of the system connected to the Clean Oil Reservoir is degraded. This is to prevent damage by operating under potentially harmful conditions with insufficient lubrication.


  • Inspect and Refill Oil Levels: Check the clean oil reservoir levels and refill to the recommended level to ensure proper lubrication and function.
  • Examine for Leaks: Inspect the system for any leaks or signs of wear that could contribute to oil loss. Repair any issues found to prevent future oil depletion.
  • Check Oil Quality: Verify the quality of the oil in the reservoir to ensure it meets the specifications required for optimal performance. Replace if necessary.
  • Monitor System Alerts: Keep an eye on the CCU and other system alerts to catch any early signs of issues before they lead to significant problems.
  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Implement a routine maintenance schedule to regularly check and manage oil levels and overall system health to avoid recurrence of this issue.


Maintaining the correct oil levels in the Clean Oil Reservoir is crucial for the safety and efficiency of vehicle operations, particularly in systems that rely on hydraulic functions. Regular checks and proactive maintenance can prevent issues associated with low oil levels, thereby extending the life of the vehicle and ensuring optimal performance.