BRC 523840.13 – Calibration Fault in Front Brake Pressure Sensor (50K Only). John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 523840.13 (BRC )

Code: 523840.13



Error code BRC 523840.13 is triggered when the front brake pressure sensor, specific to vehicles equipped with a 50K system, is found to be uncalibrated. This lack of calibration can lead to inaccurate readings of brake pressure, which are critical for the safe and effective operation of the braking system. Misleading sensor data could affect the braking performance and pose safety risks.


Due to the calibration error, the function of the front brake system is degraded. While the system may still be operational, its effectiveness and reliability are significantly reduced, impacting the overall safety of the vehicle.


  • Calibrate the Sensor: Use the appropriate tools and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to calibrate the front brake pressure sensor accurately. Calibration should be verified under various operating conditions to ensure accuracy.
  • Inspect Sensor and System: Before recalibration, inspect the sensor and associated brake system components for any physical damage or operational wear that might affect performance. Replace any defective parts.
  • Test Sensor Functionality: After calibration, thoroughly test the sensor under different scenarios to ensure it provides consistent and accurate readings.
  • Regular Maintenance and Checks: Incorporate regular calibration checks into the vehicle’s maintenance routine to prevent future issues with sensor accuracy.
  • Professional Assistance: If calibration difficulties persist, consider consulting a professional technician with expertise in advanced vehicle brake systems for further diagnostics and resolution.


Ensuring that brake pressure sensors, especially in high-capacity systems like the 50K, are properly calibrated is crucial for maintaining the reliability and safety of the vehicle’s braking system. Regular calibration and maintenance can help prevent issues related to sensor accuracy and ensure consistent vehicle performance.