BRC 523841.19 – Secondary Hand Brake Position Fault Message Received. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 523841.19 (BRC )

Code: 523841.19



Error code BRC 523841.19 indicates that the Brake Control Unit (BRC) has received data from the Cab Control Unit (CAB) indicating a fault with the secondary hand brake’s position. This fault typically arises from an issue within the CAB unit, where the data on the hand brake’s position does not align with expected parameters, potentially due to sensor errors, wiring issues, or software malfunctions in the CAB unit.


In response to receiving the faulty data, the BRC has degraded the function of the related brake system. This measure helps mitigate any risk that may arise from improper brake positioning, ensuring that the vehicle remains as safe as possible under the circumstances.


  • Diagnose CAB Control Unit: Focus initially on diagnosing and resolving any issues within the CAB Control Unit that could be causing erroneous position data. This might involve checking for sensor misalignments, faulty wiring, or software errors.
  • Inspect Hand Brake Mechanism and Sensors: Ensure that the hand brake mechanism and its position sensors are functioning correctly. Replace or repair any faulty components.
  • Check Wiring and Connections: Examine all related wiring and connections for damage or disconnections that might contribute to the fault. Repair as necessary to ensure stable and reliable connections.
  • Recalibrate Hand Brake Position Sensors: After resolving any mechanical or electrical issues, recalibrate the sensors associated with the hand brake to ensure they accurately reflect the brake’s position.
  • Comprehensive System Testing: Conduct a comprehensive test of the entire braking system after repairs and recalibrations to ensure all components function correctly and no further faults are detected.


Maintaining accurate data communication between the CAB and BRC is crucial for the correct operation of the vehicle’s braking systems. Regular system checks and proactive maintenance can prevent issues that may lead to safety hazards, ensuring the vehicle operates reliably and efficiently.