BRC 523841.31 – Secondary Hand Brake Position Message Missing. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 523841.31 (BRC )

Code: 523841.31



Error code BRC 523841.31 indicates that the Brake Control Unit (BRC) is not receiving the secondary hand brake position message through the Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus. This missing data can be due to a communication breakdown between the hand brake control mechanism and the BRC, possibly caused by issues in the CAN Bus such as network congestion, a malfunctioning sensor, or a fault in the communication wiring.


The absence of essential position data from the secondary hand brake has led the BRC to degrade the function of the brake system. This precautionary measure ensures that potentially unsafe braking conditions do not occur due to incomplete data.


  • Check CAN Bus Network: Inspect the CAN Bus for faults or congestion that might be blocking the transmission of the hand brake position message. This includes checking for damaged wires, loose connections, or faulty CAN Bus terminators.
  • Diagnose Hand Brake Sensor and Wiring: Ensure that the sensor providing the hand brake position data is functioning properly. Check the sensor’s wiring and connections for any faults or disconnections.
  • Reset and Reconfigure CAN Devices: Reset the devices involved in the CAN network to clear any errors in communication. Reconfigure settings if necessary to ensure proper data flow.
  • Update Firmware and Software: Check for updates to the firmware and software that manage CAN communication and hand brake control. Updating could resolve bugs affecting message transmission.
  • Comprehensive System Test: After performing repairs and adjustments, conduct a comprehensive test of the braking system to ensure it receives all necessary data and functions correctly under all operational conditions.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the CAN Bus and its connected components are essential to ensure reliable data transmission. Ensuring that all parts of the network function correctly is crucial for the safe operation of the vehicle’s brake system and other critical functions dependent on CAN Bus communications.