BRC 524157.19 – Right Brake Pedal Switch Fault Message Received. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 524157.19 (BRC )

Code: 524157.19



Error code BRC 524157.19 occurs when the Brake Control Unit (BRC) receives a fault status message from the right brake pedal switch. This message indicates that there is a malfunction or irregularity in the switch’s operation, which could potentially compromise the effectiveness of the brake system on that side.


In response to the fault message, the BRC has disabled the function associated with the right brake pedal to prevent any unsafe braking actions that could result from incorrect or unintended brake pedal switch inputs.


  • Inspect Right Brake Pedal Switch: Examine the switch for any physical damage, wear, or electrical issues such as loose connections or corrosion. Replace the switch if it is found to be faulty.
  • Check Wiring and Connections: Ensure all wiring connected to the right brake pedal switch is secure and undamaged. Repair any issues that could affect signal transmission.
  • Test Switch Functionality: After repairs or replacement, test the switch to ensure it is operating correctly and sending accurate signals to the BRC.
  • Reset and Reinitialize the BRC: Reset the Brake Control Unit to clear the fault and reinitialize the system to incorporate the repaired or new switch.
  • Monitor System Performance: After the system is back online, monitor the functionality to ensure no further fault messages are received and that the brake system operates as expected under various conditions.


Regular maintenance and prompt attention to fault messages are crucial in preventing potential safety hazards. Ensuring that all components of the brake system, especially switches and sensors, are in proper working order helps maintain the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle.