BRC 524162.19 – Left Brake Pedal Switch Fault Message Received. John Deere System Advisory.

BRC 524162.19 (BRC )

Code: 524162.19



Error code BRC 524162.19 is triggered when the Brake Control Unit (BRC) receives a fault status message from the left brake pedal switch. This message indicates a malfunction or anomaly in the switch’s operation, which may affect the correct functioning of the vehicle’s braking system.


As a precautionary response to the fault message, the function associated with the left brake pedal has been disabled by the BRC. This measure prevents potential unsafe braking actions that could arise from incorrect or unintended inputs due to the switch malfunction.


  • Inspect Left Brake Pedal Switch: Check the left brake pedal switch for any signs of physical damage, wear, or electrical issues, including loose connections or corrosion. Replace the switch if necessary.
  • Examine Wiring and Connections: Ensure all connections and wiring associated with the left brake pedal switch are secure and in good condition. Repair or replace any damaged wiring.
  • Test Switch Functionality: Once any repairs or replacements are made, thoroughly test the switch to confirm it is functioning correctly and transmitting accurate signals to the BRC.
  • Reset and Reinitialize the BRC: Reset the Brake Control Unit to clear the existing fault state and reinitialize the system to include the updated or repaired switch components.
  • Monitor System Performance: Continuously monitor the brake system after restoration to ensure that the switch is operating as intended and that no further fault messages are generated.


Maintaining the integrity and functionality of brake pedal switches is crucial for safe vehicle operation. Regular checks and swift responses to any fault messages can help avoid potential risks and ensure the vehicle remains safe and responsive under all driving conditions.