CAB 001079.04 – Low CAB Sensor Supply Voltage

CAB 001079.04 (CAB 1079.04)

Code: 001079.04

Shortcode: 1079.04


The error code CAB 001079.04 is generated when the CAB control unit identifies a supply voltage to the sensors that is lower than expected. Low voltage can impair the performance of sensors, leading to inaccurate readings or sensor failures, which in turn can affect the control system’s ability to perform critical functions effectively.


In response to this under-voltage condition, the system limits its functions to prevent errors and potential safety issues arising from incorrect sensor data.


  • Inspect Electrical Connections: Check all related electrical connections, including wiring and connectors in the sensor supply circuit, for loose connections, corrosion, or damage that might be causing voltage drops.
  • Verify Battery and Charging System: Ensure that the vehicle’s battery and charging system are functioning properly. A weak battery or faulty alternator can result in low voltage across various systems.
  • Measure Supply Voltage: Use a multimeter to confirm the voltage levels being supplied to the sensors. Compare these with the specifications provided in the vehicle’s service manual to ascertain the extent of the voltage shortfall.
  • Examine Voltage Regulators and Distribution Panels: Focus on voltage regulators and distribution panels that could be failing to maintain required voltage levels. Replace any malfunctioning components.
  • Reset and Recalibrate the System: After making repairs and adjustments, reset the control unit to clear any stored error codes. Recalibrate the system to ensure that all sensors receive the correct voltage and function properly.


Consistent supply voltage is essential for reliable sensor operation. It’s important to regularly monitor and maintain all components of the electrical system to prevent voltage-related issues. Implementing routine checks can help catch and address issues before they lead to more significant problems or system failures.

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