CAB 001504.08 – Seat Switch Circuit Fault

CAB 001504.08 (CAB 1504.08)

Code: 001504.08

Shortcode: 1504.08


The error code CAB 001504.08 is triggered when the CAB control unit detects that the seat (operator presence) switch has been continuously closed (indicating the seat is occupied) for an unusually long duration. This could indicate a potential fault in the switch mechanism, such as sticking, failure to return to the open position, or a malfunction causing false signals of operator presence.


The system activates an alarm and maintains it until the seat switch is opened (unoccupied) for at least 5 seconds. This alert serves as a warning of potential issues with the seat switch operation, which could affect safety features reliant on operator presence detection.


  • Inspect and Test the Seat Switch: Examine the seat switch for physical damage, wear, or obstruction that may prevent it from opening. Test the switch functionality to ensure it correctly detects and signals seat occupancy and vacancy.
  • Clean or Replace Faulty Switch: If the switch is sticky or defective, clean it to remove any debris or obstructions. If issues persist after cleaning, replace the switch with a new unit.
  • Check Wiring and Connectors: Ensure that all wiring and connectors linked to the seat switch are secure, free of corrosion, and not damaged. Poor electrical connections can also contribute to faulty switch operations.
  • Reset the Alarm System: After addressing the seat switch issue, reset the alarm system to ensure it functions correctly without false triggers.
  • Monitor After Repair: Continue to monitor the seat switch operation after repair to verify that the issue is resolved and that the switch operates as intended without further complications.


Regular maintenance and checks of safety-related components like the seat switch are crucial for ensuring operational safety and reliability. Addressing issues promptly can prevent the malfunction of critical safety systems that rely on accurate detection of operator presence.

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