CAB 002876.02 – Turn Signal Switch Conflict

CAB 002876.02 (CAB 2876.02)

Code: 002876.02

Shortcode: 2876.02


Error code CAB 002876.02 occurs when the CAB control unit detects that both the left and right turn signal switch inputs are active simultaneously. This condition is unusual and typically indicates a fault within the switch itself or a wiring error that causes both signals to engage at the same time, a scenario that should normally activate hazard lights.


As a response to this conflict, the vehicle’s turn signals function as hazard lights, activating both the left and right signals together to alert other road users of a potential issue.


  • Inspect the Turn Signal Switch: Begin by examining the physical condition of the turn signal switch. Look for signs of wear, damage, or internal faults that might cause unintended simultaneous activation.
  • Test Electrical Connections: Use a multimeter to check the electrical continuity and isolation between the left and right turn signal circuits. This can help identify any short circuits or cross-connections causing the issue.
  • Review Wiring Schematics: Consult the vehicle’s wiring diagram to ensure that all connections are correctly made according to manufacturer specifications. Correct any wiring that does not comply.
  • Replace Faulty Switch or Wiring: If a defect is found in the turn signal switch or if improper wiring is the culprit, proceed with replacing the faulty components to resolve the conflict.
  • System Reset and Functional Test: After repairs or replacements, reset any related electronic systems and conduct a comprehensive test to ensure the turn signals operate independently as intended.


Regular checks and maintenance of the vehicle’s electrical systems, especially the signaling components, are essential for safe operation. Ensuring that each system functions correctly without interference from others can prevent safety hazards and improve the reliability of the vehicle’s communication with other road users.

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