CAB 524017.13 – Left-Hand Reverser Lever Type Not Selected

CAB 524017.13 (CAB )

Code: 524017.13



The fault code CAB 524017.13 is triggered when the CAB control unit identifies that the type of the left-hand reverser lever has not been properly designated in the system settings. This setting is crucial for the correct operation of the reverser lever, affecting how inputs from the lever are interpreted by the vehicle’s control system.


In response to this configuration error, the control unit commands the vehicle into a ‘Park’ state to prevent unintended movements. This state can be recovered from upon proper power-up and configuration.


  • Check Configuration Settings: Access the vehicle’s control system settings to ensure that the left-hand reverser lever type is correctly designated. This may require the use of diagnostic software or a specific configuration tool provided by the manufacturer.
  • Consult Documentation: Refer to the vehicle’s service manual or manufacturer documentation for guidance on selecting the correct reverser lever type. This documentation often provides detailed instructions on how to configure or recalibrate the control settings.
  • Perform System Calibration: After the correct lever type has been selected, recalibrate the system to ensure that the lever inputs are correctly recognized and processed by the control unit.
  • Test Reverser Lever Operation: Conduct tests to verify that the left-hand reverser lever operates as intended under various conditions. This ensures that the system responds correctly to the operator’s inputs.
  • Reset and Monitor the System: Following the configuration and testing, reset the control system to clear any fault codes. Continue to monitor the lever’s performance to ensure no further issues arise.


It is essential to maintain accurate configuration settings for all control levers and input devices within the vehicle to ensure safe and effective operation. Regular checks should be conducted to verify that all settings remain correct and that any changes made to the system configurations are appropriately updated and documented.

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