CAB 524017.31 – Left-Hand Reverser Lever Power Circuit Fault

Code: 524017.31



Error code CAB 524017.31 is activated when the CAB control unit detects an anomaly in the voltage input from the left-hand reverser lever’s neutral switch and reverse switch, where the voltage readings fail to confirm a clear ‘open’ or ‘closed’ switch status. This uncertainty in switch status can lead to ambiguous lever position signals, potentially affecting the operational control and safety of the vehicle.


As a safety precaution, the control unit commands the vehicle into a ‘PARK’ position, which is a state that can be recovered from once the issue is properly addressed and the system is reset.


  • Inspect Reverser Lever Switches: Check the neutral and reverse switches on the left-hand reverser lever for physical damage or wear that might affect their functionality. Look for signs of corrosion or contamination that could impair electrical contacts.
  • Test Electrical Continuity: Using a multimeter, test the continuity and voltage levels at the switch outputs to determine whether the switches are reliably indicating their status (open or closed). This helps in identifying if the fault is due to a faulty switch or related electrical issues.
  • Examine Wiring and Connectors: Ensure all wiring and connectors related to the reverser lever switches are intact, secure, and free from corrosion or damage. Loose or damaged wiring can cause unstable voltage readings and intermittent switch status errors.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If tests confirm that the switches or any part of the associated wiring are defective, replace these components to ensure reliable operation.
  • Recalibrate and Reset the System: After repairs, recalibrate the system settings related to the reverser lever and reset the control unit to clear the fault code. This ensures that all changes are properly registered and the system functions correctly.
  • Verify System Functionality: Perform a comprehensive test to verify that the reverser lever and its switches are functioning correctly and that the vehicle responds appropriately to lever inputs in different gear selections.


Maintaining the electrical integrity and correct calibration of control levers and their circuits is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of machinery. Regular diagnostics and preventive maintenance should be carried out to ensure all components function as intended and to avoid operational disruptions.

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