CAB 524166.08 – Right Brake Pedal Sensor Adjustment Fault

CAB 524166.08 (CAB )

Code: 524166.08



Error code CAB 524166.08 is recorded when the CAB control unit detects a discrepancy between the voltage readings of the right and left brake pedal sensors—specifically, low voltage from the right sensor and high voltage from the left. This suggests an adjustment or calibration issue with one or both sensors, affecting the vehicle’s braking balance and responsiveness. This condition is pertinent to vehicles equipped with the AutoPowr™ / IVT™ transmission that utilizes both sensors and switches for brake operation.


The vehicle may stop as a precautionary measure to prevent potential safety risks from improper braking response due to the sensor imbalance.


  • Inspect Brake Pedal Sensors: Examine both the right and left brake pedal sensors for signs of physical damage or misalignment that might cause inconsistent voltage outputs.
  • Calibrate Brake Pedal Sensors: Conduct a thorough calibration of both sensors to ensure they provide accurate and consistent voltage outputs relative to the brake pedal positions. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications closely for calibration procedures.
  • Test Sensor Voltage Outputs: Use diagnostic tools to measure the voltage outputs from both sensors during brake pedal operation. Compare these outputs to ensure they are within acceptable ranges and adjust as necessary.
  • Check Wiring and Electrical Connections: Inspect all related wiring and connectors to ensure they are secure, free from damage, and properly connected. Faulty wiring can lead to irregular voltage readings.
  • Replace Faulty Sensors if Needed: If recalibration does not resolve the voltage discrepancies, consider replacing the sensors that continue to show faulty readings.
  • System Reset and Functional Test: After adjustments or replacements, reset the vehicle’s control system to clear any fault codes. Conduct a comprehensive test to verify that the braking system operates correctly under various conditions and responds uniformly to inputs from both brake pedals.


Maintaining accurate sensor functionality in brake systems is critical for vehicle safety and operational efficiency. Regular diagnostics and preventive maintenance on these sensors can help avoid discrepancies that might lead to unsafe driving conditions. Ensuring that both brake pedal sensors are properly calibrated and functioning as expected is essential for balanced braking performance.

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