CAB 524166.13 – Right Brake Pedal Sensor Not Calibrated

CAB 524166.13 (CAB )

Code: 524166.13



The error code CAB 524166.13 is triggered when the CAB control unit detects that the right brake pedal sensor has not been calibrated properly. This lack of calibration can lead to incorrect brake pedal readings, which may affect the braking system’s performance and the overall safety of the vehicle. This code is relevant to vehicles equipped with the AutoPowr™ / IVT™ transmission that utilizes both a brake pedal sensor and a switch.


The vehicle’s control system restricts certain functions to prevent unsafe conditions that could arise from inaccurate brake pedal readings until the sensor is recalibrated.


  • Calibrate the Right Brake Pedal Sensor: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to calibrate the right brake pedal sensor accurately. This process may require specialized diagnostic tools to adjust the sensor until it correctly reflects the pedal’s position and force.
  • Inspect the Sensor and Related Components: Before recalibration, inspect the sensor for any signs of damage or wear that might affect its performance. Also, check the wiring and connections to ensure they are secure and intact.
  • Test Sensor Functionality: After calibration, thoroughly test the sensor under various operational conditions to ensure it responds accurately to the brake pedal’s movements.
  • Verify System Integration: Ensure that the recalibrated sensor works harmoniously with other vehicle systems, particularly those that rely on accurate braking input, such as stability and traction control systems.
  • Reset System Fault Codes: Once calibration and testing are satisfactorily completed, reset the vehicle’s control system to clear the fault code and restore full function.
  • Documentation and Follow-Up: Document the calibration process and set a schedule for regular checks to ensure the sensor maintains its calibration over time.


Regular calibration and maintenance of brake pedal sensors are crucial for vehicle safety. Neglecting these components can lead to performance issues and increase the risk of accidents, especially in complex transmission systems like the AutoPowr™ / IVT™. Scheduling regular diagnostic checks can help detect calibration drifts or failures early, maintaining the reliability and safety of the vehicle.

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