CAB 524169.02 – Left Brake Pedal Switch-Sensor Circuit Conflict

CAB 524169.02 (CAB )

Code: 524169.02



Error code CAB 524169.02 arises when the CAB control unit detects a discrepancy between the voltage output of the left brake pedal sensor and the state of the left brake pedal switch. Specifically, the sensor voltage is high when the pedal switch is closed (indicating the pedal is depressed), or the sensor voltage is low when the switch is open (indicating the pedal is not depressed). This fault is significant in vehicles equipped with the AutoPowr™ / IVT™ transmission, which relies on both a sensor and a switch for brake pedal functionality. Vehicles with the PowerShift (PST) transmission do not incorporate a brake pedal sensor.


The control system commands the vehicle into a ‘PARK’ position as a safety measure to prevent unintended movements due to this sensor-switch conflict. This state is recoverable once the fault is resolved.


  • Inspect Brake Pedal Sensor and Switch: Check both the left brake pedal sensor and switch for any signs of damage, wear, or improper installation that might be causing irregular voltage outputs or switch states.
  • Calibrate and Test the Sensor: Recalibrate the brake pedal sensor to ensure it accurately reflects the pedal’s position. After recalibration, test the sensor under various conditions to verify that it aligns with the physical state of the brake pedal and the switch.
  • Examine Wiring and Electrical Connections: Look for any faults in the wiring or electrical connections that could contribute to the conflict. Ensure all connections are secure, and wires are intact without any signs of damage or corrosion.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If any components (sensor, switch, or wiring) are found to be faulty, replace them to ensure the integrity of the brake pedal signaling system.
  • Reset the Control System: After repairs and adjustments, reset the vehicle’s control system to clear the error code and recover from the ‘PARK’ position. Ensure the system recognizes the repairs and behaves as expected.
  • System Functionality Verification: Conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the brake system operates correctly across all scenarios. This testing should confirm that the brake pedal sensor and switch now work in harmony without conflicts.


Maintaining proper function and synchronization between brake pedal sensors and switches is crucial for safe vehicle operation, especially in systems where both components are used to determine braking actions. Regular checks and prompt resolution of any discrepancies are essential to avoid operational issues and ensure safety.

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