CAB 524169.13 – Left Brake Pedal Sensor Not Calibrated

CAB 524169.13 (CAB )

Code: 524169.13



Error code CAB 524169.13 is reported when the CAB control unit identifies that the left brake pedal sensor is not properly calibrated. This miscalibration can lead to inaccurate readings of brake pedal position, potentially affecting braking effectiveness and vehicle safety. This issue is particularly relevant in vehicles equipped with the AutoPowr™ / IVT™ transmission, which relies on precise sensor inputs for optimal operation.


In response to the calibration error, the control unit restricts certain functions of the vehicle to prevent operational hazards that could arise from incorrect braking input.


  • Calibrate the Left Brake Pedal Sensor: Utilize appropriate diagnostic tools to recalibrate the left brake pedal sensor according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Ensure that the calibration process accurately reflects the actual pedal position and force.
  • Inspect Sensor Installation and Condition: Check the sensor for any signs of physical damage or misalignment that could affect its performance. Ensure that the sensor and its mounting are secure and correctly positioned.
  • Test Sensor Functionality: After calibration, test the sensor’s functionality by monitoring its output while manually engaging the brake pedal. Verify that the output values change consistently and accurately with pedal movement.
  • Check Wiring and Electrical Connections: Inspect all related wiring and connectors for damage or looseness that might interfere with accurate sensor readings.
  • Reset the Control Unit: Once the sensor is calibrated and tested, reset the control unit to clear the calibration fault and restore full functionality to the vehicle.
  • Monitor System Performance: Continue to monitor the brake pedal sensor’s performance after recalibration to ensure it maintains accuracy over time. Regular checks should be part of ongoing vehicle maintenance.


Keeping brake pedal sensors well-calibrated is crucial for vehicle safety and efficiency, especially in systems where precise control inputs are critical for proper functioning. Regular maintenance and calibration of these sensors can prevent potential safety issues and ensure reliable vehicle operation.

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