CAB 524173.02 – Clutch Pedal Sensor Voltage Conflict

CAB 524173.02 (CAB )

Code: 524173.02



Error code CAB 524173.02 is triggered when the CAB control unit detects a voltage conflict in the clutch pedal sensor, specifically noting that the voltage from sensor channel 2 is not one-half of what is registered by sensor channel 1. This discrepancy suggests a malfunction or misalignment within the sensor system that could affect the accurate detection of the clutch pedal’s position, potentially leading to improper clutch engagement or vehicle control issues.


To mitigate any potential risks arising from this sensor conflict, the control unit commands the vehicle into a ‘PARK’ position, which is a safety measure that can be recovered from once the sensor issue is addressed and resolved.


  • Inspect Clutch Pedal Sensors: Check both channels of the clutch pedal sensor for any signs of damage, wear, or improper installation that could contribute to abnormal voltage readings.
  • Test Voltage Outputs: Measure the voltage outputs from both sensor channels using a multimeter or diagnostic tool while the clutch pedal is engaged and disengaged. Verify that the readings for channel 2 are consistently half of those from channel 1, as expected.
  • Calibrate the Sensors: If the voltage outputs do not align with expected values, recalibrate the sensors to correct any discrepancies. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for calibration procedures to ensure accuracy.
  • Examine Wiring and Electrical Connections: Review all associated wiring and connections for issues such as corrosion, damage, or loose connections that could affect voltage readings.
  • Replace Faulty Sensor or Components: Should recalibration fail to resolve the issue, replace the faulty sensor or any compromised wiring and connectors to ensure reliable operation.
  • Reset the Control System and Perform Functional Tests: After addressing the issue, reset the vehicle’s control system to clear the fault code and release the vehicle from the ‘PARK’ position. Conduct thorough functional tests under various operating conditions to confirm that the issue has been fully resolved and the clutch pedal sensor functions correctly.


Regular maintenance and periodic checks of the vehicle’s sensor systems, particularly those involving critical control components like the clutch pedal, are essential to maintain operational safety and efficiency. Early detection and correction of voltage discrepancies can prevent further mechanical or control issues, ensuring reliable vehicle performance.

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