CCU 000237.02 – VIN Security Data Conflict

CCU 000237.02 (CCU 237.02)

Code: 000237.02

Shortcode: 237.02


This error code indicates a conflict in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) data among different control units. A mismatch in VIN data can lead to issues in system verification and security protocols, as the control units are unable to verify that they are operating within the same vehicle system.


The mismatch in VIN data results in limited functionality of the control unit. This safety measure prevents potential operational errors or security breaches due to inconsistent data across the system.


  • Check CAN Bus and Connections: Ensure that the CAN bus is functioning correctly and all connections are secure, as a faulty CAN bus can lead to incorrect VIN data being transmitted between control units.
  • Verify VINs Across Control Units: Compare the VIN data across all control units involved and ensure they all match. Correct any discrepancies found.
  • Diagnose Other DTCs: If there are other Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) indicating missing CAN messages, address these first to ensure that communication errors are not causing the VIN mismatch.
  • Software Update: Ensure that all control units are running the latest firmware versions, which may resolve issues of data mismatch.


Resolving VIN conflicts is critical to maintaining the security and functionality of the vehicle’s control systems. Regular checks and maintenance of the control units and their software can prevent these issues.

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