CCU 000237.14 – VIN Security Not Enabled

CCU 000237.14 (CCU 237.14)

Code: 000237.14

Shortcode: 237.14


This code arises when the VIN Security feature, which protects against unauthorized use or alteration of vehicle data, has not been enabled in the control unit. This can expose the vehicle to potential security risks.


The control unit will operate with limited functionality to minimize risk until the VIN Security feature is enabled. This is a precaution to maintain system integrity and security.


  • Enable VIN Security: Access the control unit settings and activate the VIN Security feature to ensure that the vehicle’s data is protected against unauthorized changes.
  • Check for Software Updates: Update the control unit’s software to the latest version, which may include important security enhancements including automatic VIN Security activation.
  • Diagnose Other DTCs: Similar to the previous case, if there are other DTCs related to missing CAN messages, diagnose and resolve these first as they could be affecting the VIN Security settings.
  • System Testing: After enabling VIN Security, perform thorough testing to confirm that the system is fully operational and secure.


Keeping the VIN Security feature enabled is crucial for preventing unauthorized access and ensuring that all operations within the vehicle are secure. Regular updates and checks of the control unit settings are recommended to maintain security protocols effectively.

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