CCU 000237.31 – VIN Security Messages Missing

CCU 000237.31 (CCU 237.31)

Code: 000237.31

Shortcode: 237.31


This fault code indicates that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has not been received from other control units. This situation can occur due to interruptions or errors in the CAN bus communication, leading to incomplete security verification processes across the vehicle’s systems.


The control unit restricts its functionality to a limited mode as a precautionary measure to prevent operational inconsistencies and potential security issues until complete VIN information is received and validated.


  • Inspect CAN Bus System: Check the integrity and functionality of the CAN bus to ensure it is transmitting data correctly without interruptions.
  • Resolve Connectivity Issues: Address any detected issues with connectivity, such as loose connections or damaged wires, which could be preventing VIN messages from being received.
  • Diagnose Other DTCs: Prioritize diagnosing and resolving any other Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) indicating missing CAN messages, as these might be related to or causing the current VIN issue.
  • System Reset and Testing: After resolving the underlying issues, reset the control unit and conduct tests to confirm that VIN security messages are being correctly received and processed.


Regular monitoring of the communication systems and prompt attention to diagnostic codes are vital for maintaining the security and operational integrity of the vehicle’s electronic systems.

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