CCU 000569.05 – Rear Differential Lock Solenoid Circuit Fault

Code: 000569.05

Shortcode: 569.05


This fault code is activated when the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) identifies a problem within the rear differential lock solenoid circuit. The issues could include an open circuit, a short, or an over-temperature condition. Such faults can impair the electrical and mechanical operations of the solenoid that controls the rear differential lock, crucial for providing additional traction in varying terrain conditions.


The functionality of the rear differential lock is compromised, leading to degraded performance. This may affect the vehicle’s handling and traction, especially under conditions that require enhanced stability.


  • Detailed Inspection of Solenoid and Circuit: Carefully examine the rear differential lock solenoid and associated wiring for any visible damage, corrosion, or unusual wear. Replace or repair any defective parts.
  • Thermal Assessment: If an over-temperature condition is detected, assess the solenoid for potential overheating causes. This might include environmental factors, operational load, or inadequate cooling.
  • Electrical Integrity Checks: Use multimeters or specialized diagnostic tools to check for continuity, voltage irregularities, and resistance in the circuit to ensure all electrical properties align with specifications.
  • Solenoid Operation Test: After repairs, conduct operational tests to verify that the solenoid activates and deactivates correctly, ensuring it locks and unlocks the differential as designed.
  • System Reset and Verification: Reset the control unit to clear the fault code, followed by a comprehensive system check to ensure that the issue has been resolved and the system functions properly under all operating conditions.


Regular maintenance and checks of the differential lock system are essential for operational reliability and vehicle safety, particularly for vehicles operating in off-road or harsh conditions.

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