CCU 000628.02 – CCU EOL Data Fault

CCU 000628.02 (CCU 628.02)

Code: 000628.02

Shortcode: 628.02


This fault code signifies that the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) encountered a failure in its End Of Line (EOL) memory during startup. The EOL data, which is critical for ensuring the CCU operates according to factory specifications, could not be read or verified. This may indicate corruption or loss of vital configuration data.


The CCU may restrict some functions or operate in a default mode to prevent erroneous operations, which could potentially lead to further system issues or malfunctions.


  • Memory Diagnostic and Repair: Utilize diagnostic tools to check the integrity of the EOL memory. If the memory chip is faulty, consider replacing it or repairing the affected components.
  • Firmware Reinstallation: Reinstall or update the firmware to restore any corrupted EOL data. Ensure that the latest firmware is used, which might include patches or fixes for known issues.
  • System Configuration Verification: After restoring the EOL data, verify all system configurations against factory specifications to ensure they are correct.
  • Comprehensive System Testing: Perform extensive testing to ensure that the CCU and all related systems function as expected across all operational scenarios.
  • Regular System Backups: Implement regular backup procedures for system data to prevent future occurrences of data loss.


Ensuring the integrity of EOL data is crucial for the CCU’s reliability and proper functioning. Adequate preventative measures, such as regular system checks and updates, are recommended to maintain system health and prevent critical data corruption or loss.

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