CCU 001086.04 – Air Brake Pressure Sensor Circuit Voltage Low

CCU 001086.04 (CCU 1086.04)

Code: 001086.04

Shortcode: 1086.04


This fault code alerts to a situation where the voltage in the air brake pressure sensor circuit is below normal, or the sensor is shorted to a low voltage source. Low voltage at the sensor can lead to incorrect brake pressure readings, compromising the accuracy and reliability of the brake system, which is crucial for vehicle safety.


The function of the brake system is degraded to prevent unsafe operating conditions that could arise from incorrect sensor readings due to low voltage.


  • Inspect Sensor and Circuit: Thoroughly check the air brake pressure sensor and associated wiring for any signs of shorts to ground or damage that could cause low voltage readings.
  • Voltage Measurements: Use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the sensor to ensure it matches specified levels. Identify any deviations and address the underlying causes.
  • Check Electrical Connections: Verify that all connections in the circuit are secure and free from corrosion, which might contribute to voltage drops.
  • Replace Damaged Components: If any components within the circuit are damaged or faulty, replace them to restore correct function.
  • Calibration and Testing: After making necessary repairs, recalibrate the sensor and perform comprehensive tests to ensure the brake system operates accurately and reliably under all conditions.


Proper functioning of the air brake system is vital for vehicle safety. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to fault codes are crucial to avoid operational and safety issues.

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