CCU 001086.18 – Air Brake Pressure Low

CCU 001086.18 (CCU 1086.18)

Code: 001086.18

Shortcode: 1086.18


This code is set when the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) detects that the air brake pressure switch is open, indicating that the air pressure in the brake system is insufficient. This situation can impair the ability to safely control the vehicle’s braking capabilities, particularly at startup when the air pressure may not yet have built up sufficiently to disengage the air trailer brakes.


The function of the braking system is degraded due to low air pressure, which directly impacts braking efficiency and safety.


  • Pressure System Check: Inspect the air pressure system for leaks or signs of wear that could be causing pressure loss. Pay special attention to air hoses, connections, and fittings.
  • Test Air Compressor: Ensure that the air compressor is functioning properly and is capable of building up the required pressure within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Inspect Air Brake Pressure Switch: Check the air brake pressure switch for proper operation. Replace the switch if it fails to close at the appropriate pressure levels.
  • Allow System to Build Pressure: If the issue occurs at startup, allow more time for the air system to build sufficient pressure before moving the vehicle.
  • System Testing: After repairs or adjustments, test the air brake system under various conditions to ensure it consistently meets safety and performance standards.


Regular checks and maintenance of the air brake system are crucial to ensure that it operates effectively and safely. Given that air pressure is fundamental for braking, addressing any issues promptly is essential for the safety of the vehicle’s operation.

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