CCU 001713.00 – Hydraulic Oil Filter Restricted

CCU 001713.00 (CCU 1713.00)

Code: 001713.00

Shortcode: 1713.00


This fault code is generated when the hydraulic oil filter restriction sensor detects high voltage for an extended period, indicating a restricted filter. A clogged filter can lead to increased pressure in the hydraulic system, which may degrade system performance and increase the risk of component failure.


The function of the hydraulic system is degraded due to potential restrictions in fluid flow, impacting overall hydraulic performance.


  • Inspect and Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter: Check the hydraulic oil filter for clogging or damage and replace if necessary.
  • Check for Contaminants: Examine the hydraulic fluid for signs of contamination that could lead to filter clogging. Change the hydraulic fluid if it is contaminated.
  • System Flush: Consider flushing the hydraulic system to remove debris and contaminants that may cause repeated clogging.
  • Reset and Function Check: After replacing the filter and addressing any issues, reset the CCU and conduct a function check to ensure the hydraulic system operates smoothly without restrictions.


Regular checks and replacement of the hydraulic oil filter are essential to maintaining the health and efficiency of the hydraulic system.

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