CCU 001883.00 – Rear PTO Overspeed

CCU 001883.00 (CCU 1883.00)

Code: 001883.00

Shortcode: 1883.00


This fault code indicates that the rear PTO speed sensor has detected the rear PTO shaft turning at a speed higher than expected. This can pose risks to both the machinery and the operator, as excessive speed may lead to mechanical failures or unsafe conditions.


The functionality of the rear PTO is degraded to mitigate the risk of damage or accidents caused by overspeed conditions.


  • Check PTO Speed Settings: Verify the settings and operation of the rear PTO to ensure it aligns with specified speeds.
  • Inspect PTO and Drive Components: Look for any mechanical issues in the PTO or associated drive components that could cause increased speed. Repair or replace faulty parts.
  • Monitor PTO Operation: Carefully monitor the PTO’s operation to identify any operational issues that could lead to overspeed.
  • System Reset and Calibration: After making necessary adjustments or repairs, reset the CCU and recalibrate the PTO system to ensure correct speed settings.


Regular maintenance and careful monitoring of the PTO system are crucial to prevent overspeed conditions and ensure safe operation.

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