CCU 001883.01 – Rear PTO Underspeed

CCU 001883.01 (CCU 1883.01)

Code: 001883.01

Shortcode: 1883.01


This fault code is set off when the rear PTO speed sensor detects that the rear PTO shaft is turning too slowly. This could be due to a variety of operational conditions, such as a low rear PTO calibration value, low engine speed, or the use of a heavy implement which may demand higher power output.


The function of the rear PTO is degraded to prevent potential mechanical damage or operational inefficiency under underspeed conditions.


  • Check PTO Calibration: Review and adjust the rear PTO calibration settings to ensure they are appropriate for the current implement and operational conditions.
  • Adjust Engine Settings: Ensure that the engine speed settings are appropriate for the required PTO speed, especially when handling heavy implements.
  • CommandCenter™ Settings: Verify that the CommandCenter has the rear PTO engagement set correctly. Utilize auto mode to automatically detect and compensate for heavy PTO loads, increasing engagement rate as necessary.
  • Test PTO System: After adjustments, test the PTO system under various loads to ensure it can maintain appropriate speeds.
  • System Reset and Calibration: If adjustments do not resolve the issue, reset the system settings and recalibrate the PTO to ensure optimal performance.


Regular monitoring and adjustment of the PTO system settings can help mitigate underspeed issues, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

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