CCU 002818.31 – Operator Presence Switch Not Activated

CCU 002818.31 (CCU 2818.31)

Code: 002818.31

Shortcode: 2818.31


This fault code occurs when the rear PTO switch is turned on while no operator is present in the seat, indicating a potential safety violation or malfunction in the operator presence detection system. This safety feature is designed to prevent the operation of potentially hazardous equipment without proper supervision.


The functionality related to the rear PTO is restricted until an operator is detected, to prevent unintended or unsafe operation.


  • Check Operator Presence System: Inspect the operator presence switch and associated circuitry for proper function. Ensure the switch activates when the operator is seated.
  • Inspect Seat Mechanism: Verify that the seat mechanism is working correctly and that it can effectively activate the presence switch.
  • Review PTO System Settings: Check the rear PTO system settings to ensure they comply with safety standards and operational protocols.
  • Conduct Safety Checks: Perform comprehensive safety checks on the tractor to ensure all safety features are operational and effective.
  • System Reset and Testing: After making any necessary repairs or adjustments, reset the system and conduct tests to confirm that the operator presence switch and rear PTO operate correctly.


Ensuring the integrity and functionality of safety systems such as the operator presence switch is critical for maintaining safe operational practices and preventing accidents. Regular checks and maintenance are recommended to uphold these safety standards.

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