CCU 003509.03 – Sensor Supply Voltage Out of Range High

CCU 003509.03 (CCU 3509.03)

Code: 003509.03

Shortcode: 3509.03


This fault code arises when the voltage supplied to sensors is found to be above the normal operating range, specifically exceeding 5.2 volts. Such a condition may indicate an issue with the vehicle’s voltage regulator or electrical system, which can result in erratic sensor readings and potential sensor damage over time.


The control unit restricts certain functionalities to prevent damage or erroneous operation of sensors due to the high voltage.


  • Inspect Voltage Regulator: Check the voltage regulator’s functionality to ensure it maintains appropriate voltage levels within the sensor supply circuit.
  • Examine Electrical Connections: Look for any signs of poor connections, damaged wires, or corrosion that might affect voltage levels. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Monitor and Adjust System Voltage: Use a multimeter to monitor the voltage levels being supplied to the sensors. Make necessary adjustments or replacements to stabilize voltage supply.
  • Test Sensor Functionality: After addressing voltage issues, test the sensors to confirm they are operating correctly without being affected by previous over-voltage conditions.
  • System Calibration and Reset: Calibrate the sensors and reset the system to ensure all settings are back to normal operational standards.


Regular maintenance of the electrical system and routine checks of voltage levels are crucial to prevent high-voltage conditions and ensure sensor longevity and accuracy.

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