CCU 522260.02 – Wheel Speed Sensors Mismatch

CCU 522260.02 (CCU )

Code: 522260.02



This code is triggered when there is a discrepancy between the readings of the primary and secondary wheel speed sensors. Such mismatches can lead to inaccuracies in speedometer readings, vehicle stability controls, and other systems that rely on accurate wheel speed data.


The functionality related to speed sensing and related controls is degraded to prevent potential safety risks or mechanical issues due to incorrect wheel speed data.


  • Inspect Wheel Speed Sensors: Check both the primary and secondary wheel speed sensors for damage, misalignment, or contamination that might be causing inconsistent readings.
  • Calibrate Sensors: Ensure that both sensors are calibrated correctly to match each other’s readings.
  • Test Wheel Sensor Outputs: Conduct tests to compare the outputs from both sensors under various speeds and conditions to verify consistency.
  • Replace Faulty Sensors: If any sensor is found to be defective or significantly out of alignment, replace it to ensure both sensors provide matching readings.
  • System Reset and Verification: After adjustments or replacements, reset the system and verify that all wheel speed sensors are now aligned and providing consistent data.


Regular calibration and maintenance of wheel speed sensors are vital for accurate vehicle control and safe operation, especially in systems that rely heavily on precise speed data.

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